All-in-one solution for digitizing project business processes

Unorganized information and individual isolated solutions significantly complicate project processes in the service segment. HQLabs helps its customers, who are mainly active in the agency business, to connect their business processes, to automate administration and to create a consistent and transparent level of information across all areas of the project lifecycle. By linking the CRM system, quoting, resource and project management, time tracking, and controlling and billing, HQLabs enables a smooth and cohesive workflow. The software also offers a variety of integration options with other systems through a sophisticated API, which means that even advanced requirements can be mapped efficiently and without programming effort. Today, HQLabs is among the leading providers of agency software in Germany.


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Together with BID Equity, HQ management is focused on expanding HQLabs' business into adjacent market segments and gaining further market share in its core business. In addition, BID Equity supports the HQLabs team in the following areas:

  • Product portfolio expansion
  • Broadening of the customer support offering
  • Extension of sales activities to the enterprise segment
  • Expansion of team structures
  • Coordination of product strategy based on module utilization rates
  • Integration of corporate acquisitions


HQ in the news

08 Feb 2022

BID Equity Fund II, advised by BID Equity, has acquired Hamburg-based HQLabs GmbH, an established provider of agency software.

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