frederik bockelmann

I accompany companies from due diligence to contract negotiations and closings at BID. At the same time, I primarily manage two of our platforms - namely EvidentIQ and Midoco closely on the financial and operational side. Among other things, these are monthly reviews in which we discuss progress, activities and our growth plans.

Name one thing you learned about people in your job!

Success is rarely attributable to a single person. In most cases, exciting ideas and good decisions are based on discourse in teams. Conversely, this also means that the composition of different skills and personalities as well as respect for each other is crucial.

Three words to describe you.

Northern German. Humorous. Perfectionist, they say.


Ulrich grosse Prues


Svenja Schulze-Staneck

From Frederik's desk

15 Jun 2022

EvidentIQ, a pioneering provider of end-to-end eClinical solutions, and Dacima Software Inc. of Montréal, a leading provider of data management software solutions for clinical trials, have signed an agreement that will result in the acquisition of Dacima.

04 Feb 2021

Acquisition of Fortress Medical Systems quickens BID Equity‘s life science software group around XClinical and Carenity.

25 Jan 2021

BID Equity Fund II, a fund advised by BID Equity, acquires France-based Carenity, an anlytics platform supporting +500,000 patients and caregivers worldwide.

12 Sep 2019

BID Equity Fund II, a fund advised by BID Equity, acquires a majority stake in XClinical GmbH. XClinical is a leading international provider of software solutions for drug and medical device studies. The XClinical platform fully implements the CDISC standard, which significantly accelerates the analysis and submission of data to regulatory authorities.