we help Software firms TO evolve from  local players into European market leaders. 


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Million Euro assets under management


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We love software. We believe that software companies are the most rewarding companies you could possibly invest in. We also know that investing in software companies is very different from investing usually works. Particularly in Europe we see many software companies who have not yet reached their full potential. Market opportunities are often not seized completely, Hence, European software companies of stay below a critical size threshold. Often this is a matter of capitalization, sales power, market awareness and product portfolio. We typically come in and help companies that have reached such a glass floor. Having reached this floor, making the next step founders and owners often feel that they need a step-change that is too big. 

We know the challenges of mid-sized software companies, and how to overcome them. Over the time we have developed strategies and a pool of operational resources to help solving these typical situations. Examples? Think of cloud readiness for your established on-premise portfolio or how to scale your sales team from the two experts who currently do most of the selling? How can you best automate critical processes or introduce a more profitable pricing without disappointing your customers? We love these water cooler conversations over new growth hacks, personal experiences and certainly about what has made your organization successful in the first place. Combining your experience with ours, the sky is the limit!

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In a nutshell: Great people, intelligent approach to companies, working with people not spreadsheets, technological stamina and top-motivators.

Dr. Kai-Henrik Barth

Partner and shareholder, active m&a

In a nutshell - this is how we work

We go well beyond the traditional Private Equity value creation levers.

When partnering with us, you win not only a strategic sparring partner, but also boots on the ground to get things done. We know the inherent growth limitations of software companies with 20-100 employees and can help to overcome them. We have a clear idea how to bring a great solution to international customers. Our three principles:

We invest in successful companies

We know how great looks like. And when we see a software firm that is great, we invest and join you for the journey.

We offer hands-on support

We work a lot with smaller software companies and bring all the tools such companies need as they grow.

We help companies grow via B, I, D

Everybody drops these topics - but we know how to do it in a software context: Buy & Build, Internationalization, and continued Digitization of business processes.

Buy & build is one thing. Furthermore we provide services for you to help you grow


Flexible development capacities across all technology stacks, 24/7 datacenter operations, cloud transition taskforce, proprietary code quality toolset


Sales organization build-up, new pricing models, incentivization schemes, channel management, sales ops improvements and a KPI-based sales monitoring


Digital marketing resources, branding experts to ensure market fit and help craft market positioning

Finance & Controlling

'CFO in residence', enterprise-grade accounting and controlling resources, integrated tax and audit specialists, proven processes, as-a-service technical infrastructure

Product Management

Interim product management, UX upgrades, agile transitions, backlog management, resource allocation tracking

Management Team

Tailored succession plans, talent pool, management buy-in (MBI), management participation programs

The people behind it. Passionate software experts, doers. One team

Dr. Helge Hofmeister

Managing Partner

Ulrich grosse Prues


Elisabeth von Rundstedt

Origination Associate

Christoph Nadolny

Finance & Administration Director

Tom Teubert

Investment Associate

Dr. Axel Jansen

Managing Partner

Frederik Bockelmann

Investment Director

Philipp Scheidt

Investment Manager

Malte Jacobsen

Investment Associate

Christian Bartosch

Investment Associate

Lars Kloppsteck

Managing Partner

Svenja Schulze-Staneck

Origination Director

Patrick Schachtner

Investment Manager

Lea Weber

Office Manager

Jonas Giese

Chief of Staff