100,000 users. 10x Increase in Revenues in 4 years. myneva is changing lives in 6 european countries.



Starting with one anchor investment in 2017 and 8 subsequent acquisitions, BID Equity built a unique European vendor for social care software. Today, myneva has the most holistic solution portfolio paired with the broadest geographical presence in Europe. One local vendor has evolved into one of the top 3 European players. Along the way the company grew 10-fold and managed to keep its customers happy and churn below 3%.

>3,500 studies with 25m patients in 83 countries. 15 of the top 20 pharma companies rely on EvidentIQ solutions



Forged from 3 complementary vendors in Europe and US, the EvidentIQ group offers an end to end solution portfolio in the area of clinical data management. A series of targeted professionalization and differentiation efforts combined with 2 add-on investments have increased the total output of the group by +60% since 2019.

+100,000 active users, 140 employees at 3 sites. +250 midmarket companies use the justrelate Customer Experience Platform.



Following the acquisition of two well-established German software vendors in the CRM and CMS space, JustRelate enables mid market B2B companies and public institutions to digitize their customer journeys using an “all-in-one” sales enablement platform. BID has launched key value creation initiatives to scale their sales organization and help develop a modular solution offering.

33,000 users, 260,000 buildings, Businesses in 60 countries monitor +$5bn energy spend using our software.



With offices in the US, Europe and Asia eSight Energy enables customers to provide simple collection and powerful analysis of all energy related data. The company's software solutions offer a wide range of functions to monitor and optimize energy consumption that are valued by large corporations, public institutions and medium-sized manufacturing businesses.

>2000 satisfied CRM customers. #1 in the DACH region for agencies and other professional service providers. Modern cloud products result in >80% recurring revenue.



everii Group is the successful merger of several software 
companies for professional services.
Three add-on acquisitions in the first year tripled revenueseverii offers a 
leading software portfolio for agencies, consultancies, and IT companies of
all sizes. The cloud-based everii CRM/ERP solutions enable an integrated 
management of professional services, software and managed-service 
products. >70 employees serve customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland with country-specific sector expertise. 

in the news

03 Oct 2023

JustRelate Group, a leading provider of a powerful and holistic "digital experience platform" (DXP), has acquired French Bmobile with its innovative email builder Dartagnan.

21 Sep 2023

EvidentIQ, an international provider of clinical trial software, has completed the acquisition of a majority stake in asthenis GmbH, the market leader in cancer documentation software in Germany and Switzerland. Marcus van den Bergh, founder of asthenis, will continue to support the company and its customers in his role as managing director and shareholder.

05 Jun 2023

Oldenburg-based CAD manufacturer Megatech Software GmbH became part of the BID Equity Fund II portfolio in April 2023.

25 May 2023

The union of Kobold Managment Systeme GmbH and untermStrich Software GmbH from Austria, realized by BID Equity Fund II, grows by another member. The acquisition of WIDEMANN SYSTEME GmbH from Wiesbaden complements the product portfolio with diverse functionalities for landscape planning.

My partners and I invested 25 years in building our software company. We were then looking for a partner who had the expertise to get this business to the next level. Many PEs claimed they do software, only a few turned out to be experts. The team from BID won us over by deep insight into our market and a compelling idea how to build a leading vendor.

Bernd Völcker

serialentrepreneur, Co-Founder, infopark