BID Equity provides access to the hidden champions of the European software industry.

Our investors are leading institutional  asset managers: From pension funds to family offices and endowments

We provide access to Software "Mittelstand"

Europe is a stronghold of "hidden software champions" and BID Equity allows institutional investors to get exposure to this sector.

Fast growing software firms are often associated with the Silicon Valley. But Europe and the DACH-region in particular have a very healthy sector of specialised software firms that often have a regional rather than a global positioning. These firms differentiate themselves through intimate customer knowledge and have a high exposure to the trends of digitalization.

BID Equity has developed a very structured approach to identify such hidden champions and to help them operationally to continue their growth while professionalizing their organisation.

WHAT’S HAPPENING IN our portfolio

25 May 2023

The union of Kobold Managment Systeme GmbH and untermStrich Software GmbH from Austria, realized by BID Equity Fund II, grows by another member. The acquisition of WIDEMANN SYSTEME GmbH from Wiesbaden complements the product portfolio with diverse functionalities for landscape planning.

04 May 2023

The software group for commercial construction processes initiated by BID Equity Fund II realizes further steps of its growth plan with the acquisition of Orgit GmbH and the software solution Flink2Go.

02 Feb 2023

Cybersecurity specialist Nextron Systems GmbH has been acquired by a fund advised by BID Equity. The partnership aims to continue Nextron's strong growth trajectory through internationalization and strategic acquisitions.

12 Dec 2022

The BID Equity Fund II software group everii Group GmbH ("everii") has acquired J+D Software GmbH ("J+D") and julitec GmbH ("julitec"), thereby becoming market leader for agency software in the DACH region.