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Mid-office software for travel agencies

Consumer demand has increased the complexity of leisure travel bookings. Competition demands efficiency increases for business travel agencies. Midoco and it’s eponymous SaaS solution offer both: A powerful system that manages complexity and improves operational efficiency. It allows corporate and leisure travel agencies to combine products from several providers across booking channels without losing control of the process or the unified view of the traveller. It also allows corporate travel customers to keep control of their data and remain independent from booking channels. 


Travel turnover processed per year.



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Highly experienced employees.



o The management team of midoco chose BID Equity as its investor to reach two goals: Broaden its international customer base and grow the business travel segment. BID Equity has subsequently supported the management team with a variety of organic and inorganic measures. By acquiring Swiss profile data management software provider Umbrella AG, BID Equity helped midoco to complement its core product that is characterized by long sales cycles with a powerful solution that caters for the same customer segments but requires less explanation and implementation. In parallel organic improvements have been implemented in the following areas:

  • Modularizing and standardizing the product offering
  • Modernization of the product development process
  • Professionalization of inbound and CRM processes
  • Pricing optimization

As the next wave of growth was aimed at North America, BID Equity’s co-investor aimed to find a new owner for its shares and sold its shares in 2019. The BID Equity partnerships stays invested and continues to contribute to midoco’s success story.



20 Sep 2018

After very successful years of organic growth, continued internationalization, and the acquisition of Umbrella AG in Switzerland, BID Equity Investment II ("BID Equity") sells a majority stake in Midoco Holding together with its partner Afinum Siebte Beteiligungsgesellschaft ("Afinum") GmbH ("Midoco") to LEA Partners.

20 Sep 2018

Midoco GmbH, a BID Equity portfolio firm and leading provider of Midoffice software solutions for the travel industry, has acquired a majority stake in Umbrella U+O AG, Wetzikon, Switzerland.

06 Dec 2016

BID Equity acquires stake in Infopark Group, creator of the SaaS-based Content Management System Scrivito.

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