dr. Axel Jansen

I am one of the BID Equity founders. Through many years in private equity, I guide entrepreneurs through the financial and contractual details of transactions and develop customized transaction and financing structures with them.

What did you learn about people in PE?

I learned that most people are driven by money. Given our industry you might think I’m okay with that, but here’s the second thing I learned: Money is not effectively motivating people in the long run. And that’s vital when building up successful groups.

Three words to describe you.

Devourer of books. Analytical. Demanding


Helge Hofmeister


Lars Kloppsteck

From Axel's Desk

01 Jul 2021

After a highly successful period of organic growth, acquisitions, and platform building, BID Equity Investment III (“BID Equity”), backed by its institutional investor LFPI Group, sold the leading European social care software provider myneva Group (“myneva”) to Summa Equity Fund II (“Summa”).

04 Feb 2021

BID Equity Fund II, a fund advised by BID Equity, acquires France-based Carenity, an anlytics platform supporting +500,000 patients and caregivers worldwide.

17 Sep 2020

myneva Group acquires SWING to further strengthen its market-leading position in the social software sector.

06 Dec 2016

BID Equity has acquired a majority stake in Midoco GmbH based in Hilden/Germany. The three co-founders and Managing Directors of Midoco, Steffen Faradi, Marcus Haarmann, and Jörg Hauschild will remain significant shareholders of the company. The transaction became effective on 6 December 2016.