dr. Helge Hofmeister

I’m one of the three co-founders. As a computer scientist by trade, I always try to understand the strength and unique potential of any new application that is presented to me. Entrepreneurs who see us for a first exchange typically have that meeting with me. 

What’s your definition of perfect?

If I can start my day by rowing on the Alster. Followed by solid Espresso.

Three words to describe you.

Geek. Coffee addict. Daddy of three.

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From Helge's Desk 

15 Jun 2022

EvidentIQ, a pioneering provider of end-to-end eClinical solutions, and Dacima Software Inc. of Montréal, a leading provider of data management software solutions for clinical trials, have signed an agreement that will result in the acquisition of Dacima.

04 Feb 2021

Acquisition of Fortress Medical Systems quickens BID Equity‘s life science software group around XClinical and Carenity.

06 Aug 2020

BID Equity acquires stake in Infopark Group, creator of the SaaS-based Content Management System Scrivito.

28 Jun 2018

BID Equity has acquired 100% of eSight Energy Group Ltd’s shares. eSight Energy is a global energy management software developer and solutions provider. The transaction was closed in April ’18.