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Climate change is the challenge of our time and a significant part of humanity’s CO2-footrpint is caused by energy consumption of buildings and plants. eSight Energy’s software product is a pivotal tool to measure that energy consumption, identify and prevent energy waste and helps to calculate and reduce the associated cost and the footprint caused by this consumption. Today, eSight® is used in more than 50 countries to monitor the energy consumption of more than 260,000 buildings and production sites. Its customers realize up to 30% savings on their energy costs. This is achieved through sophisticated data analytics tools that can identify consumption patterns or analomies, suggest saving measures and control savings initiatives and projects while considering changes in the environmental conditions. eSight’s strengths lie in particular in large-scale deployments involving large compounds of buildings and machines as it offers a vast set of connectivity options.





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Together with BID Equity, the management has invested heavily into scaling eSight’s sales world-wide. In parallel to building out the got-to-market organization, the product has been modularized and advanced to cater for the largest use cases out there. In particular, BID Equity has supported eSight’s management in the following areas:

  • Professionalisation of the sales model
  • Scaling the existing channel model to a channel-first approach
  • Modularizing and standardizing the product offering
  • Cloud migration of key application components
  • Professional finance and HR management
  • Modernization of the product development process
  • Professionalization of inbound and CRM processes
  • Pricing optimization

Ultimately, the increased level of professionalization allows eSight to cater for complex customers on both sides of the big pond while leveraging a global delivery organization.



02 Nov 2021

Following a successful period of organic growth, product upgrades and strengthening its international sales capabilities, BID Equity Investment I ("BID Equity") sells its enterprise energy management platform eSight Group Ltd. ("eSight") to MRI Software Limited ("MRI").

28 Jun 2018

BID Equity has acquired 100% of eSight Energy Group Ltd’s shares. eSight Energy is a global energy management software developer and solutions provider. The transaction was closed in April ’18.

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