BID Equity's construction software group broadens its product and service offering with acquisition of Orgit and Flink2Go

Kobold, 04 May 2023

The software group for commercial construction processes initiated by BID Equity Fund II realizes further steps of its growth plan with the acquisition of Orgit GmbH and the software solution Flink2Go.

The Fürth-based Orgit GmbH - Die Ansprechpartner für Architekten und Ingenieure , a long-standing reselling partner of untermStrich software solutions for architects and engineers, is now joining the developer's group. The software group, which is owned by BID Equity Fund II, takes over Orgit in the first quarter of 2023.

Through the merger, Orgit's years of service expertise, which is highly valued by its more than 700 customers, will enrich the currently emerging software group for commercial construction processes. The location in the south of Germany also adds another building block to the group for the realization of nationwide customer proximity. 

The Flink2Go software solution enables planners and experts to easily record and manage construction defects and progress. The application will be linked to the Group's existing software solutions (e.g. untermStrich) in the coming weeks. With the inclusion of Flink2Go in the Group's range of solutions, an even broader product portfolio can be offered to more than 4,000 customers.

Orgit Managing Director Helmut Geilersdorfer: "We are pleased to be even closer to the solution we have been supporting for many years by joining the group and thus to be able to contribute our expertise directly to future product development."

Today, the group around the established software houses untermStich and Kobold offers a modern software portfolio for the organization and management of architecture and engineering firms. In addition to a deeper penetration of commercial administration, topics such as BIM and AVA are also future growth areas for the group. 


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